Inspirational Chiropractic Speaker

Let Chiropractic Speaker Bill Esteb Inspire Your Membership

It’s easy to allow the changes in documentation, reimbursement and reduced practitioner incomes to taint your chiropractic conference or association convention. The perfect antidote is to book chiropractic patient and advocate William Esteb to present at your next meeting.

Whether for the keynote or an in-depth breakout session, Bill will inspire and motivate your membership with a creative and passionately delivered presentation.

speaker-in-newzealand.jpgLooking For an Inspirational Chiropractic Speaker?

Executive directors, convention chairs and chiropractic meeting organizers love working with Bill. He runs on time. He takes direction. He’s flexible. He provides practical, down to earth content. He’s respectful and consistently produces positive feedback from appreciative audiences:

       “By far the best speaker of the weekend.”
       “My staff and I are fired up for Monday Morning.”
       “I really enjoyed his dry sense of humor.”
       “He had us in stiches. Informative and entertaining.”
       “You need to have him back.”

When you receive unsolicited responses like these from your membership, you know you’ve had a successful meeting!

Inspiring Chiropractors Around the World

Bill is an enthusiastic creative thinker who persuades audiences to dream bigger dreams. He urges attendees to see their practices in new ways. His passionate delivery and infectious enthusiasm engage chiropractic audiences who see new opportunities for creating deeper, more influential patient relationships.

“Granted, I’m not a chiropractor, but I have a profound love of chiropractic principles and want to see chiropractors thrive,” says Esteb.

Bill’s four decades of chiropractic consulting experience, patient focus groups, interactive style and patient-centered philosophy make him a popular chiropractic speaker in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Spain and elsewhere.

Is Bill Available For Your Upcoming Meeting?

Find out. Contact Bill to determine his availability, speaking fees and presentation topic for your next chiropractic program. Speak with organizations that have recently hosted one of his programs.