Monday Morning Motivation | Your Adjustments Become Theirs

Posted by Bill Esteb on Sep 7th 2019

On behalf of chiropractic patients everywhere, thank you for learning the how, when and where of spinal adjusting. You are among an elite group of individuals on the planet who possess this valuable skill.

Investing, as you have to master a variety of adjusting techniques and increase your proficiency, it's tempting to fall victim to the belief that your adjustments are yours. And they are--until a patient receives them from you.

It's common to think the exchange happens when you get paid. But that's just an administrative function. The transfer of ownership occurs on your adjusting table.

What the patient does or doesn't do to be a good steward of your adjustments is out of your control. As is, what their body does or doesn't do with the energy you've artfully added at just the right time and place.

Know what is yours and what is theirs. And when.

From time to time I encounter a chiropractor who is a little on the toasty side of things and there is a twinge of anger directed towards patients who 1) don’t value their health, 2) merely want pain relief, or usually 3) both.

Most patients can detect this judgment and find reasons to extricate themselves from the practice as soon as they can.

Another type of chiropractor who can fall prey to this are those who spend 15 to 20 minutes or longer adjusting a patient. They’re massaging and stretching and mobilizing every articulation.

Some think this produces better clinical outcomes. (Rarely.) Others lavish the extra time hoping to "earn" their fee. (A massage would be cheaper.) And still others believe that this is what constitutes an adjustment "with that something extra." (It is not.)

What a patient chooses to do with the outcome you've help produce is none of your business. However, you might use the occasion to inspire them to dream again, think long term and set some goals. You might even find out what they "hope to do better or enjoy more when they regain their health."