Monday Morning Motivation | The Emotional Leak

Posted by Bill Esteb on May 26th 2019

When our emotional reserves become depleted because the world doesn't line up with our expectation, it's tempting to check out. Resign. Phone it in.

"If you're not going to take your health seriously than I won't either. If you don't care, then why should I?"

Never spoken aloud of course. It doesn't have to. Your body language communicates your contempt without saying a word.

This is the circuit breaker that blows when making continuous withdrawals from our emotional "checking account," producing an overdraft. Because it's unsustainable to care about a patient's health more than they do. Because your constant vigilance and nagging go unappreciated. Because you caring more won't cause them to care more.

Care, because after all, you're a professional caregiver. The key is not to be seduced into caring more in an attempt to compensate for their insufficient caring. That's the leak that will sink any practitioner.