Monday Morning Motivation | Talking Over Your Adjustment

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jan 8th 2017

William D Esteb

  If you're talking, it's unlikely you're in a state of optimum healing consciousness.

Invoking the healing process rarely requires words. Oh sure, provide explanations, supply new meanings, set appropriate expectations and arouse hope. But not while you're delivering your precisely targeted, perfectly timed, life-affirming adjustment!

Not only is speaking distracting and takes away your presence and connection with patients, it causes them to go into their left brain to interpret your words. The effect tends to devalue the adjustment, making it pedestrian, diverting patients from their body to their mind.

The spoken word is among the cheapest, least effective form of communication, especially compared to the significance of your adjustment. Be mindful that you don't cheapen it with platitudes, assertions, well-intentioned declarations or worse, frivolous chatter. Doing so is often a sign of insecurity. If you absolutely must talk, make sure what you say is for them, not you.