Monday Morning Motivation | Stephen Covey

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 1st 2019

"Most people do not listen with the intent to understand. Most people listen with the intent to reply." Stephen Covey

Chiropractors who desire to be better communicators often think effective communication is about being eloquent or especially articulate. It isn't. The most effective communicators are those with a highly refined ability to listen.

Listening, not to be confused with hearing, is a social skill. Like all social skills, it's something we learn. Better listening can enhance virtually every aspect of our lives.

Mastery begins with valuing the other person. Why? Because successful listening requires that we "pay" attention. If we don't value the other person, we make judgments, assumptions, jump to conclusions and fail to invest. Instead of listening, we're reloading.

Effective listening requires receiving; taking in. If we're full of ourselves there's no room to receive. Being right, winning the argument or showing off what we know is overrated.

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