Monday Morning Motivation | Feeling Less Than

Posted by Bill Esteb on Apr 20th 2019

The surest way to put yourself down and destroy your sense of peace is to compare yourself with others. Or attempt to live up to someone else's notion of what you should be or do.

Countless chiropractors needlessly feel inferior because someone, probably with an ulterior motive, has whispered in their ear that "great" chiropractors see this many visits per week. Or that you're a piece of excrement if you're not helping this many patients a day.


It might manipulate you to reup with their program. It might temporarily cause you to get outside your comfort zone. But mostly it makes you feel ineffective and less than.

There's no question that getting outside your comfort zone will enlarge your practice. And yes, under performing practices are often constrained by fear.

Stop comparing. Turn off the talking heads. Unplug from social media. Monitor what you allow into your consciousness. Serve.