Monday Morning Motivation | Chiropractic Is Different

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 6th 2016

William D Esteb

  #1 of 13 things every new patient should know: Chiropractic care is different from medicine.

Don't skip this important distinction. Otherwise, you tacitly affirm the common and unhelpful patient belief that chiropractic is just like their medical experiences, but limited to the spine and you're hamstrung by the inability to prescribe medication. Explaining this difference, and a dozen other concepts, makes your pre-care consultation the most important visit of the relationship.

After patients have had the opportunity to tell their story, explaining why they are seeking care, and you confirm that they appear to be a good candidate for chiropractic, it's your turn to speak.

"Sounds like you're in the right place. We've helped many people with a similar health issue. Because chiropractic care is different from medical treatment, before we accept you as a new patient, there are some things you need to know about how our practice works."

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