Dear Bill | Patients Waiting to Return After Inoculation

Posted by Bill Esteb on Mar 17th 2021

Dear Bill,

All of us in the practice have chosen not to receive the COVID vaccination. But patients are waiting to return after we get inoculated. What are your thoughts about the best way to handle this?

First, a few observations to close caption the obvious:

1. Many people, including patients, live in a different world than you and I.

2. This is an emotional decision. Using facts to refute their point of view will be exhausting as well as ineffective.

3. Press too hard and you simply make patients wrong. Which is a proven way to alienate them and debuild your practice.

With those formalities out of the way, the "best way to handle this?"

Best, as in convincing your patients to show up anyway? Or best as in maintaining your integrity by living your guiding philosophy and principles? Or best as in going along to get along? Or best at making the best of a bad situation?

At a time when flu shots have been offered at several chiropractic colleges, it appears that sadly, your question will soon be an anachronistic chiropractic artifact. No matter.

You and I have our reasons to avoid the injection of this concoction made from aborted fetal tissue (J&J), DNA mischief and who knows what else. But how do you explain this to your germophobic patients who are in lockstep with the fear mongering of the media, who trust the motives of Bill Gates and Big Pharma and simply want to be able to visit their favorite restaurant without a mask?

You don't.

This is one of those differences in points of view that 1) you're unlikely to win, and 2) the payoff if you could, is small.

You would be better served to target those in your community who already hold similar views as you do.

There are countless individuals in your new patient drawing area who are even more vehement about this than you or I. Attracting them requires the courage to reveal your point of view. Like attracts like.

But that doesn't answer your question.

Here's what you could do to signal your inactives who are waiting. Send an email to your inactives on the sidelines. Naturally, substitute the year you made your personal vow. (Mine was in 1981 when I was introduced to chiropractic):

Subject line: My Life Defining Moment

Hi [patient name]

Some of our patients have expressed concern about coming in to get adjusted until after my team and I have been vaccinated.

However, we've chosen not to get any one of the three COVID-19 vaccinations.

That's because my team and I actively pursue countless proactive measures to maximize our health and bolster our immune systems. This protects us, you, and all those with whom we come into contact.

Since 1981 I've never had a flu shot, taken a pain medication or any other drug—legal or illegal. It's a vow I made back in chiropractic college.

It has served me well.

If you've chosen to take the shot, based on their reported effectiveness (Moderna 94.1%, Pfizer-BioNTech 95% and J&J/Janssen 66.3%) you shouldn't have the slightest concern about being around me or my team.

So, consider this an official invitation to return to our practice. It's the perfect time for a life-affirming, health-restoring, nervous-system-rejuvenating chiropractic adjustment!

Warmest regards,

Thanks for the question!

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