Monday Morning Motivation | Why Patients Leave

Posted by Bill Esteb on Feb 17th 2019

Since you chose healthcare as a career, you probably place a high value on your health. Of the over 400 human values, health is probably in your top 10%.

It's unlikely that anyone could talk you into changing its priority, "educate" you into changing its priority or even shaming you into changing your priority. While not hardwired, it probably comes close.

You, who place a high value on your health, find yourself being consulted by many who don't.

If today's new patient places their health in the 42nd position, meaning they value 41 other things more highly than their health, they'll discontinue their care once they feel better so they can get back to the 41 other things.

Light your hair on fire if you want. Guilt them with a manipulative script if you wish. But you're unlikely to do little more than preclude their subsequent reactivation. Love them anyway.