Monday Morning Motivation | Two Avoidance Strategies

Posted by Bill Esteb on Dec 22nd 2018

When was the last time you were still enough, for long enough, for some self-reflection?

There are two pervasive temptations that conspire to make it difficult to remain present to our own life.

The most convenient is being busy. Being consumed with various activities, whether working more hours, dividing our attention between two practices, volunteer work or coaching the soccer team, they all seem so commendable. It's the perfect way to avoid confronting the trajectory of our life.

The other, more recent innovation is the proliferation of various digital screens. This can be the social media monitoring on our smartphone to the Netflix streaming and the talking heads on cable. They're just about everywhere. And all too happy to provide an escape from ourselves.

This week become more mindful of your internal state the moment prior to relinquishing your attention to a screen. It's a drug. Administered through the eyes.