Monday Morning Motivation | Too Much

Posted by Bill Esteb on Dec 1st 2018

Does a burst of extraordinary focus temporarily raise your numbers? But they return to the previous "set point" when you ease up?

That means your barrier to practice growth isn't your location, your competitors, "your town," insurance carriers or the other usual suspects. It's you.

That's good news. Because you can change you. Start by determining if any of these habits need abandoning:

Caring too much – if patients are mistrusted and must be managed, it keeps your practice small enough to afford the luxury of supervising each one.

Adjusting too much – the belief that spending more time with a patient or adjusting every articulation will produce better outcomes.

Talking too much – getting your social needs met at the practice can be expensive and places a hidden drag on its growth.

Unwilling to make these or other changes? No problem. Just be sure to lighten up on the frustration and self-condemnation.