Monday Morning Motivation | This Changes Everything

Posted by Bill Esteb on Mar 25th 2018

Blame Google. By "organizing the world's information" they've changed everything. Particularly how new patients find you and how they learn about chiropractic.

Interrupting prospective new patients with direct mail, radio commercials and newspaper ads is no longer effective as it once was. If someone wants or needs the services of a chiropractor they simply fire up Google. Do you show up in their search? Do you reveal enough about yourself so they are inclined to choose you? How many five star reviews do you have?

Back in the day, your brochure rack was a major patient education resource as patients helped themselves to the information they wanted.

Today, your brochure rack plays a significant role in helping patients refer others. Which requires that you hand out brochures to patients, urging them to give it to someone they know for whom chiropractic might help.

It's a new world. Are you adapting?