Monday Morning Motivation | The Wrong Kind of Busy

Posted by Bill Esteb on May 27th 2018

Busy seems to come in two varieties. Too busy and not busy enough. Being too busy is often a sign that we are actively shielding ourselves from facing something. So, we go into busy mode and preoccupy ourselves so we can avoid the pain of looking.

Any variety of digital devices will serve this purpose, whether comparing ourselves with others on social media, keeping our inbox current or watching cat videos. These are rarely life affirming and are mostly time killers. Dream postponers. Growth delayers. And pain avoiders.

Some other signs? Letting ourselves get out of shape. Watching too much television. Not sleeping well. Neglecting our friends. All this, to avoid confronting that thing that has us in fear and holds us in bondage.

Busy, busy, busy. So we don't have to spend time with ourselves. And take our own advice. And suffer the consequences of our disenchantments and shortcomings.