Monday Morning Motivation | The Purpose of Time

Posted by Bill Esteb on Sep 10th 2018

We've probably all said it either aloud or to ourselves. "I wish I knew then what I know now."

Some say the purpose of time is to prevent everything from happening at once. Which begs the question. What would you tell yourself 20 years ago? If you could go back and coach yourself, what would you want you to know?

For me, there are three things I'd convince myself to accept:

Trust the process. It's all going to work out. Probably better than you ever imagined.

Don't overthink it. Feelings trump logic every time. Don't let your left brain get in the way of your right brain.

It's okay to have fun. This is supposed to be a grand adventure. There's no destination (besides the obvious) so hold on and enjoy the ride.

I'm guessing your list is different. What self limiting belief from the past is holding you back?