Monday Morning Motivation | The Long Game

Posted by Bill Esteb on Sep 3rd 2018

Unless you plan on selling or quitting soon, it would make sense to invest in the long term rather than surrendering to the expediency of the short term.

Wall Street is set up for the short term. Wringing out every dollar during the previous 90 days to satisfy investors. But you have a private practice. So play the long game.

Think of every patient relationship as eternal, not merely the time it takes to resolve their case.

Make sure every recommendation you make is in the patient's best interests.

Tell the truth, compassionately and understandably without a self-serving intent.

Trust each patient to make the choice that is right for him or her, even if it's not the choice you would make.

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. There's nowhere to “get” to. Enjoy the journey. Play the infinite game--whose objective is to keep the game going.