Monday Morning Motivation | Steal, Kill and Destroy

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jan 6th 2019

How many mountaintop experiences have we missed because of fear?

Probably too many to even count.

The objective of the enemy is to steal, kill and destroy. Is he winning?

Steal – Taking away our peace, sabotaging our joy and confiscating our future.

Kill – Neutralizing our enthusiasm, murdering our trust and slaying our hope.

Destroy – Ruining our relationships, poisoning our passion and corrupting our courage.

Fear is both an emotional charge and a spiritual attack. The former attacks our body; the latter our soul. The enemy knows that either one will constrain us or prompt us to delay, defer and play small.

Success without even firing a shot. All because of being seduced by a deception with just enough sugar-coated truth to get us to buy the lie.

This year don't just dance as if no one is watching, but live as if no one can stop you. No one will.