Monday Morning Motivation | Standing Under

Posted by Bill Esteb on Mar 23rd 2019

A common characteristic of an under performing practice is a chiropractor who talks too much. This is often a sign of insecurity or uncertainty.

It's often justified as "educating" the patient or providing direction or encouragement. Yet, this voluminous unsolicited chatter is more often an attempt at reassuring themselves or an unconscious way of preventing the patient from speaking.

A more powerful strategy would be to ask a question with the desire of better understanding them. (Under stand. Stand under. Support.) Even more commanding is confident silence. This truth is so counter intuitive.

Those who speak do not know.
Those who know do not speak.

Thinking that your spoken words, so abundantly minted while performing your clinical routine, are changing a patient's beliefs or behaviors is fantasy. Not only are your words ineffective, they keep patients in their left hemisphere and can make your artful, life-affirming adjustment ordinary and pedestrian.