Monday Morning Motivation | Repeated Conscious Effort

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jan 6th 2019

With the New Year upon us it's the perfect time to establish some new habits. After all, we're creatures of... habit.

We have habits that advance our lives. Like regularly brushing and flossing, exercising and saying "Please" and "Thank You."

We also have habits that are less helpful. Things like fear, scarcity, envy and an inability to delay gratification.

There's some debate about how long it takes to form a new habit. Some say 20 days. Others 40 or more. Regardless of the length required, creating profitable habits begin with a first time. Followed by a second. And so on. In other words, repeated conscious effort.

If you tend to be a great starter, but poor finisher, being more mindful of forming hepful habits can be important. Because a habit can be a fairly close substitute for discipline. The key to persevering is having a big enough "why."

What's yours?