Monday Morning Motivation | Pre-Existing Conditions

Posted by Bill Esteb on Apr 14th 2019

New patients enter your practice with a set of pre-existing conditions. These are the unfounded beliefs, culturally acquired attitudes and previous experiences with medical practitioners. New patients automatically project these onto you.

  • They think you're a back doctor. 
  • They think you'll be treating their symptoms. 
  • They think that you control the speed of their recovery. 
  • They expect you to do most of the work. 
  • They think you'll be permanently fixing them.

If they have previously received chiropractic care elsewhere, they harbor still other unhelpful beliefs.

If these beliefs and expectations are ignored or unchallenged, patients react in predictable ways.

  • They make few changes to their lifestyle. 
  • They blame you if their symptoms resolve too slowly. 
  • If their symptoms ever return they think it's your fault. 
  • They only see you when they have back problems. 
  • They refer others with the type of problem they had.

Beliefs control behaviors. Software controls hardware.