Monday Morning Motivation | New Patients Need You

Posted by Bill Esteb on Apr 2nd 2017

William D Esteb

  Dr. Patrick Gentempo observes, "You don’t need new patients. New patients need you." It's an important distinction often lost on chiropractors who make practice about themselves and getting their own needs met.

It requires discipline to set aside your own concerns about paying your bills, servicing your debt, documenting your care, inspiring your team and responding to the countless details of running a small business. Granted, you have the freedom to conduct your own pity party. But it costs you. Dearly.

If you find yourself in the unhappy circumstance in which you think you need patients more than they need you, don’t touch another patient until you get one thing crystal clear: It's not about you.

When you show up with your primary motive of getting your needs met, whether financial, psychological or social, you've crossed a line. You have debased a deeply personal connection and made it merely transactional.