Monday Morning Motivation | New Patient Diet

Posted by Bill Esteb on Sep 17th 2018

If you have a need for more new patients today, it started months ago. This lag often obscures the cause. Worse, the tactics used previously to ameliorate this challenge is what creates the current circumstances.

Some chiropractors treat the "getting new patients" aspect of their practice as a diet rather than a lifestyle. (Like the way patients use chiropractic care!)

Stop wetting your finger and holding it to the wind to find out if a patient still loves you and can be trusted with your care.

Stop walking on eggshells when telling the truth about what you'll be doing and what you expect them to do if they wish to get the most from your care.

Start trusting patients, assuming that they know what's best for them in the context on their values and the other demands on their time and money.

New patients are an effect, not a cause.