Monday Morning Motivation | More Time = Better Outcomes?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Dec 16th 2018

All processes take time. At least in the physical realm.

But what about the emotional and spiritual? Does change require time in the nonphysical? Or does it occur in a moment of decision or insight?

I think so. At least that's my belief.

That means your report of findings can be brief--as long as you equip patients to replicate your explanations.

That means your adjustments can be brief--because your power is in your intent, not visit length.

That means your explanations can be brief--because you use metaphors and examples from real life.

That means your expectations are modest--because you honor and respect the patient and their choices.

Believing that spending more time produces better outcomes is understandable, but time always takes a backseat to intention and certainty. Because whoever has more certainty wins.

Are you more inclined to believe the principles of chiropractic? Or the patient?