Monday Morning Motivation | Making It About You

Posted by Bill Esteb on Mar 30th 2019

When a patient accepts your recommendations, it’s not about you.

When a patient gushes about how you’ve changed their life, it’s not about you.

Conversely, when you minimize their problem fearing their rejection, you’ve made it about you.

When you take credit for the results that reviving a patient’s ability to self heal can produce, you’ve made it about you.

When you talk too much or get your social needs met at the practice, you’ve made it about you.

When you worry their poor follow through will tarnish your reputation, you’ve made it about you.

But it’s not about you. Patients often think it is. If you let them. It’s a great way to get a hit of dopamine. Addictive.

The busiest chiropractors make it about the patient. They make the patient the hero. For having wisely chosen chiropractic. For keeping their visits. For trusting the wisdom of their body.