Monday Morning Motivation | Long Game or Short Game?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Mar 3rd 2019

Are you playing the long game or the short game?

Driven by investors who judge a stock by quarterly profits, many companies are forced to play the short game, often squandering long term sustainability. It’s too risky to try something new. Too risky to take two steps back to set the stage to take three steps forward.

It’s tempting to do the same. In the process, long term patient satisfaction is mortgaged for short term statistics. Short term palliative care seems safer than making lifestyle recommendations. Patient relationships are seen as episodic, rather than eternal. Practice marketing becomes hand to mouth, driven by immediate needs.

Consider the dentists who came to my grade school in 1963 and taught us all how to brush and the wisdom of seeing a dentist every six months--knowing that it wouldn’t pay off for 20 years.

How many children are you seeing this week?