Monday Morning Motivation | Living Full Out

Posted by Bill Esteb on Dec 8th 2018

Someday I'll...

...learn how to fly an airplane. Write that book. Start that garden. Take some time off. Take that trip. Begin that project.

It's a way to push our dreams into a future we think we're somehow sure we're entitled to.

Make today that some day.

Don't wait, postpone or procrastinate. There are no guarantees that there will even be a tomorrow. Billions of people who have preceded us can attest to the fact that this thing called life comes to an end without our control and usually sooner than we'd wish.

Grab it. Use it. It's yours. Don't squander it. Live full out. That's what good health is for.

In 100 years who will care? No one? So get busy! Make a ruckus. Take names. Make a dent in the universe. Make sure they remember you. So don't play small. Stand for the truth. Help others.

You matter.