Monday Morning Motivation | Letting Patients Go

Posted by Bill Esteb on Oct 21st 2018

"So, I just let patients go?" I was recently asked during a one-hour telephone consultation.

"You can't give permission for patients to discontinue care or anything else. They already have it. The deception is thinking you have a say in the matter," I replied.

"So, patients are in control?"

"Of their follow through. They have always been in control. Naturally you have the obligation to create a care plan designed to produce the best results in the shortest amount of time, but whether a patient chooses to follow your recommendations is largely out of your control."

Chiropractors who think patient behaviors are the result of their carefully rehearsed script or some "Yes-Yes!" trickery, suffer from the illusion that poor patient follow through is some type of personal failure. It is not.

If you've made your findings and recommendations meaningful, they'll choose the way forward based on their reasons, not yours.