Monday Morning Motivation | Leave Them Wanting More

Posted by Bill Esteb on Apr 9th 2018

With minimal provocation, chiropractors will explain some nuance of joint function, muscle physiology or X-ray artifact. Rest assured that most patients are rarely interested in as much detail as you find fascinating.

Watch for the patient "head fake."

This is a condition in which patients make brief eye contact, followed by a slight up and down head nodding and a thoughtful glance. This is a polite way to feign interest. It does not mean "tell me more."

Without a safe word, patients are pretty much at the mercy of your inclination to go deeper and with more technical detail than they want.

When you find yourself doing all the talking, be mindful enough to ask, "Would you like me to continue?" or "So sorry, I just had a flashback to my advanced neurology class. May I tell you more or have you had enough?"

If anything, leave them wanting more.