Monday Morning Motivation | Keeping Promises

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jan 13th 2019

Imagine making a promise that you knowingly won't keep.

"I'll take you to the movies this weekend." But you're not sure you'll even be in town.

"I'll meet you at 3:00 PM." But it's iffy because traffic can be so unpredictable.

"I'll make your headaches go away." But you're relying on reviving their ability to self heal, oblivious to their stress, diet, sleep or willingness to increase their movement.

It's so tempting to explicitly (or implicitly) promise an outcome patient's want, when you're actually delivering a process with countless variables outside your control.

This happens in countless chiropractic practices every day. Which creates tremendous pressure to deliver on a promise you can't be sure if (or when) your care will produce.

Thankfully, the outcome that you've promised and the patient seeks, frequently manifests. And it does so with sufficient regularity to deceive you into believing that you're treating their symptoms.