Monday Morning Motivation | Keep Chiropractic Weird

Posted by Bill Esteb on Nov 23rd 2018

By the time most patients consult a chiropractor they're disenchanted with the medical model and are seeking something different from medicine.

Are you different? Really different?

Many chiropractors have the tendency to round off all the sharp edges, minimize chiropractic or generally present chiropractic as "medicine lite" or a form of physical medicine or spinal specialisty. Apparently this is based on the belief that if chiropractic were more like medicine, it would be more popular, accepted and even respected.


Chiropractic and chiropractors are weird; rebels. That's what most patients are looking for. Even expecting. So, to show up beige, mainstream and "normal" can be a bit disconcerting to a new patient looking for something different from the drug peddling practitioner down the street.

The best way to be different? Be you. Everyone else is taken. And what's even better, no acting or special costumes are required.

Keep chiropractic weird.