Monday Morning Motivation | It's Them Not You

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jan 26th 2019

Perfectly great chiropractic clinicians who regularly help restore neurological integrity to patient after patient, often subject themselves to blame and self-condemnation when the occasional patient doesn't respond as expected.

"What else could I have done?"

"Do I need to learn another technique?"

This minimizes the role that patients play in their own recovery. It assumes far too much responsibility for things which you have little or no control.

First, it suggests the objective of your care is to reduce the patient's symptoms. Granted, that's why most patients begin care, but what you're actually doing is reducing nerve interference so their body can function as designed.

Second, it treats patients as objects, ignoring the considerable physical, chemical and emotional stress in their lives.

If your motive is to be the hero-rescuer, the risk may be worth it. Just remember the speed of their recovery probably reveals more about them than you.