Monday Morning Motivation | How to Delight Patients

Posted by Bill Esteb on May 19th 2018

I hope you've eaten at a restaurant that has delivered great food, but also extraordinary service. It's a convenient example for comparing your ability to deliver extraordinary service to patients.

Study the wait staff at an upscale restaurant and you'll rarely find procedures being explained during the heat of battle. Long before the first dinner guest shows up everyone knows their cues, has their lines rehearsed and their actions determined. Procedures run the practice and people run the procedures.

Is that true in your practice? Is your team astounding patients with their attention to detail and choreographed efficiency while you're out of view helping a new patient? This is how large practices get that way--by a clear cut division of labor and relentless training so everyone knows their part. Nothing is left to chance.

Critics call this formulaic or inauthentic. Patients call this buttoned down, trustworthy and delightfully efficient.