Monday Morning Motivation | Have To or Want To?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Oct 17th 2018

You and I share something in common. We are going to die. It's probably one of the last taboo topics. And yet it's inevitable. You can count on it.

Yet we live each day as if we are automatically entitled to another. As if tomorrow were a sure thing.

We lie to ourselves that "Someday I'm going to take that river cruise in the South of France." "Someday I want to go to New York and attend a Broadway play." "Someday I'll write, paint, travel, take that course, learn that language, volunteer my time or __________."

Make that someday today. Or tomorrow if you're a gambler. But don't put it off.

Your "have tos" will wait until you complete your "want tos." Become more mindful that our life is not measured by how many years or how many breaths we take, but by how many moments take our breath away.