Monday Morning Motivation | Free Will Agency

Posted by Bill Esteb on Nov 10th 2018

William D Esteb

It's easy to forget that each of has been granted the free will agency to treat our body the way we see fit.

Those who value their health and are inclined to project their value onto others, are often confronted by how difficult it is to motivate others to take better care of themselves.

This can produce two responses:

1. A continual searching for an effective way.

2. Giving up in resignation and stop trying.

The former can be a sign of being careful, full of care. Wanting it more than the patient. Looking for agreement.

The latter can be a sign of being careless, characterized by an unhealthy detachment and the emotional distancing associated with burnout.

There's a third option. Care, but don't care too much. Ask questions. Offer suggestions. Just don't take their inaction or lack of interest personally.

Just remember, "Some will. Some won't. So what? Next!"