Monday Morning Motivation | Finding Your Voice

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jan 19th 2019

Projecting the confidence that patients crave and find attractive requires that you find your voice.

Finding your voice isn’t so much about your vocabulary, tonality, pacing or the pitch when you speak. But rather it is your philosophy, your operating premise and your worldview--and being unapologetically willing to stand for it.

Most possess the former but many are constrained by the latter.

Constrained by playing small.
Constrained by what others may think.
Constrained by the fear of being rejected.
Constrained by the need to be accepted.
Constrained by the notion others will be offended.
Constrained by the belief that being neutral is smart.

You’re entitled to have a voice. No need to use it to bully others. And it doesn’t mean you must win others over. It’s merely what you stand for. It’s a paradox, but your voice becomes more attractive when you avoid the temptation of convincing others.