Monday Morning Motivation | Falling In Love

Posted by Bill Esteb on Feb 2nd 2019

One of the more expensive purchases you can make is to buy discipline.

This is where you buy an accountability partner to hold your feet to the fire and nag you into submission. How?

Charge handsomely - High priced coaching may sway you to act on the recommendations to make sure you get your money's worth.

Peer pressure - By comparing your numbers with what "good" chiropractors produce may shame you into upping your game.

Do they work? For a season. But it"s treating a symptom. Because in other aspects of your life you exhibit tremendous discipline, such as maintaining your health. Manicuring your lawn. Loving on your family. Church attendance. Making a perfect soufflé.

If you're serious about growing your practice, fall in love with the business of chiropractic. Everything from meticulous marketing to rigorous staff training to proper pricing.

Practice success, like health, is mostly personal not procedural.