Monday Morning Motivation | Creating Trust

Posted by Bill Esteb on Nov 23rd 2018

Should patients trust you? What causes patients to trust your judgment and recommendations? An even better question: how do you create trust?

Trust is having confidence in and reliance upon someone who has been given a responsibility. So start there. What is your responsibility?

Is it to relieve their symptoms? No. Even though many patients are misled into thinking you've assumed that responsibility by accepting them as a new patient.

Adding an energy at just the right time and place along their spine doesn't treat their symptom. Although many patients think it does.

Reducing interference so their body can better function as it was designed is quite different than using cervical adjustments to relieve headaches and lumbar adjustments to alleviate low back pain.

But do your patients know that?

This week muster the courage to tell patients the truth so they can trust you and assume self-responsibility for their health.