Monday Morning Motivation | Clear Boundaries

Posted by Bill Esteb on Sep 26th 2018

Clear boundaries are essential for success. Without clearly defined (and agreed upon) responsibilities you may be seduced into accepting the burden of relieving a patient’s ache or pain. The practice of medicine.

Since you’re actually relying upon arousing their self-healing capacity, your obligation to explain this distinction is especially important. Otherwise, patients will be inclined to think you’re treating their headache--when you’re actually reducing subluxation. Or assume you’re relieving their low back pain--when you’re actually reducing subluxation.

Without this explanation (and receiving the assurance that patients appreciate it), you assume a certainty-robbing obligation for which you have little control.

Thankfully, normalizing spinal biomechanics and reducing nervous system stress frequently produce the effect patients want. A lucky break for practitioners who permit patients to believe adjustments treat symptoms.

The next breakthrough? Explaining you can likely help them but won’t be treating the thing that prompted them to consult you!