Monday Morning Motivation | Are You a Chatterbox?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Oct 7th 2018

Are you a chatterbox?

Monopolizing the conversation when a patient shows up can serve two purposes.

1. It prevents patients from interrupting you to ask a question that you may or may not have a ready answer for, or

2. It provides personal reassurance as you affirm what you need to know or believe.

Become mindful of your spoken words. They are often meant for you--not the patient to whom you are directing them.

Have you explained to each patient what to do or think during your adjustments? Eyes open? Closed? Visualizations? Talk or no talk?

Without explanation or direction patients are left on their own--often creating the uncertainty that produces the questions that some chiropractors needlessly fear.

Ultimately this is about adjusting room etiquette. Is there a way for patients to show up that is more helpful than other ways? Then explain it. Encourage it. Celebrate it.