Monday Morning Motivation | 100% Patient Compliance

Posted by Bill Esteb on Apr 15th 2018

There's a new nutraceutical, which when ingested by a patient, produces 100% follow through. Recommend weekly lifetime care and every patient complies. Recommend bringing in their spouse and children to get checked, and every patient does so--promptly. With appreciation.


I would wager that would be interesting for about a week or two. And then become boring. Even oppressive. Due to the mistaken belief that obediently following your every word is the objective.

It is not.

First, overriding the free will agency of a patient, while heady at first, would likely attract only the least discerning and most easily manipulated. A hollow victory for sure.

Second, when you dig deeper, it's the dance; the give and take and creativity of your communication that makes it interesting and worth the trouble. It's the difficulty (and occasional success) of winning over patients steeped in the allopathic model that makes it satisfying.