40 Week Curriculum

Here's an overview of the nine month HeadSpace Coaching program. The weekly cadence makes each bite-size module immediately usable and creates the momentum for lasting change.

1.jpg1. Stinking Thinking
You and I are meaning making machines, often relying on some old, rather buggy software.

2.jpg2. No Thank You
Patient rejection reveals more about them than you. Here’s a far healthier interpretation.

3a.jpg3. Your Desired Outcome
The temptation is to do more and say more. Here’s a better strategy: do less and be more.

4.jpg4. The Isometric Practice
A common cause of practice building efforts that produce a temporary uptick, but rarely last.

5.jpg5. Emotional Retracing
This simple habit gives you a higher level of consciousness, equipping you to think more clearly.

6.jpg6. The Plug-In Drug
Knowing what’s going on is overrated. Set yourself free by ending your addiction to media.

7.jpg7. Success Repellent
See improved clarity and confidence by eliminating this source of procrastination and indecision.

8.jpg8. Lies and Statistics
You profess to correct cause not treat symptoms but your practice statistics measure symptoms.

9.jpg9. Your Motives
Replace the way you talk to yourself about “needing” more new patients and see better results.

10.jpg10. Rent-Free Living
What they did was despicable, even contemptable. How to lighten your load so you can soar.

11.jpg11. This is a Football
A critical distinction that eliminates the most common source of fear and practice stress.

12.jpg12. The Prime Directive
Adjusting patients isn’t your purpose, it merely helps you pursue or advance your purpose.

13.jpg13. What Business Are You In?
The first right answer? The health care business. Go deeper and the implications are profound.

14.jpg14. What Makes a Patient Ideal?
Since not all patients are created equal, be intentional about attracting the patients you love.

15.jpg15. Put Your Mask on First
Discover your guiding principles by conducting a little game called “Spaghetti or Lasagna?”

16.jpg16. Planting Your Flag
Be more confident, avoiding the temptation of showing up beige, or worse, needing to be right.

17.jpg17. The Law of the Lid
Patients don’t get healthier than you—not just physically, but mentally and socially as well.

18.jpg18. The Medical Covenant
A stress-free practice starts on the first visit by replacing a new patient’s medical expectations.

19.jpg19. That’s Not My Job
Unlike medicine, chiropractic care is a partnership—you have a job and patients have a job.

20.jpg20. Patients Don’t Care
Why the most attractive trait of professional caregivers is also among its most destructive.

21.jpg21. “This is my last visit.”
Patient relationships that end without being complete cost you referrals and reactivations.

22.jpg22. Remember the Midway
If life is a constant scramble, it may reveal your relationship with affluence and abundance.

23.jpg23. The Formula for Flow
Finding that Goldilocks balance between anxiety and boredom when we’re 100% present.

24.jpg24. Fear Not
Everything you seek is on the other side of fear—a story you’ve made up to protect yourself.

25.jpg25. It’s About Time
Your relationship with time is the single greatest constraint to the practice of your dreams.

26.jpg26. Talk is Cheap
Worse than filling the air with your words, is the belief that you’re actually changing patients!

27.jpg27. Spender or Saver?
A leaky financial bucket is even more dispiriting than a leaky new patient bucket.

28.jpg28. How to Annoy Your Staff
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together—without irritating them.

29.jpg29. Working In a Submarine
Tight quarters. Breathing the same air. Sharing space. Reasons enough to meet regularly.

30.jpg30. Moments of Truth
Never miss a chance to influence patient perceptions and make their experience remarkable.

31.jpg31. This Is How We Do It
Systems run the practice and people run the systems. Replace expectations with agreements.

32.jpg32. The Precare Interview
Those wanting care only get to become new patients if you invite them to begin care.

33.jpg33. What We Found
Stress-free reports in which you make recommendations without salesmanship or expectations.

34.jpg34. You Remember Your First
A simple, but often neglected first-visit gesture, that astonishes patients and fuels referrals.

35.jpg35. Adjusting Above the Occiput
Most patient education is merely ineffective patient teaching that does more for you than them.

36.jpg36. Retention Booster Rocket
This 12th visit procedure engages patients, bolsters their confidence and increases retention.

37.jpg37. Getting Off the Bus
Make it easy for patients to discontinue care, and you make it easier for them to return.

38.jpg38. How Many Are You Seeing?
Seeing more people requires a shift in your attention. It’s what the busiest chiropractors know.

39.jpg39. The Infinite Game
Think of your patient relationships as being eternal, not temporal—spiritual not merely physical.

40.jpg40. A New Beginning
The stories we’ve made up to explain our circumstances, control our destiny. Choose carefully.