40 Week Curriculum

Here's an overview of the nine month HeadSpace Coaching program. The weekly cadence makes each bite-size module immediately usable, creating the momentum for lasting change. Frequently asked questions.

Like adjustments, each Exercise builds on the ones before. Ready to get started?

The 40-Week Curriculum

Week      Title Purpose
  1 Stinking Thinking Does your operating system need an upgrade?
  2 No Thank You The meaning of no and the need for approval
  3 Your Desired Outcome The outcome you want from participating
  4 The Isometric Practice How do your current circumstances serve you?
  5 Emotional Retracing Language: the key to achieving greater mindfulness
  6 The Plug-In Drug
Ending the tendency to compare yourself with others
  7 Success Repellent Action steps to create greater clarity and peace
  8 Lies and Statistics Keeping statistics that can predict the future
  9 Your Motives How to talk to yourself about new patients
10 Rent-Free Living To soar you’ll want to lighten the load
11 This Is a Football Your clinical intent when adjusting patients
12 The Prime Directive Why did you choose the hard narrow path?
13 What Business Are You In? It's not to adjust patients or even to survive
14 What Makes a Patient Ideal? How to attract more the patients you love serving
15 Put Your Mask on First The values you and your team aspire to exhibit
16 Planting Your Flag When what you value isn't what patients value
17 The Law of the Lid Being healthy without being healthier than thou
18 The Medical Covenant Addressing the most common pre-existing condition
19 That’s Not My Job Where your responsibility ends and a patients’ begins
20 Patients Don't Care Introducing three types of caring and their implications
21 "This is my last visit." When patient relationships end—but aren’t complete
22 Remember the Midway Having margin and greater abundance in your life
23 The Formula for Flow Balancing the tension between anxiety and boredom
24 Fear Not Is this a malevolent or benevolent world?
25 It’s About Time Truth about adjusting times and practice hours
26 Talk is Cheap The more words you speak the less they mean
27 Spender or Saver? Five suggestions to reduce financial stress
28 How to Annoy Your Staff 12 most common complaints of staff members
29 Working in a Submarine Why regular meetings are vital and a sample agenda
30 Moments of Truth 10 moments patients use to form an opinion of you
31 This is How We Do It Codify your practice “system” of patient care
32 The Precare Interview Rethinking the new patient’s first visit
33 What We Found The most common report of findings shortcomings
34 You Remember Your First Making the first adjustment amazing
35 Adjusting Above the Occiput The truth about so-called patient education
36 Keeping the Spark Alive Making sure routine visits—aren't
37 Patient Retention Booster
Suggestions for enhancing progress reports
38 Stop It! What are some things you should stop doing?
39 Being Thankful Being grateful regardless of your circumstances
40 A New Beginning Compare where you are with where you were

* Exercise titles and content may change due to continuous improvement and participant feedback.