Your 40-Week Curriculum

The weekly tempo of the HeadSpace Coaching exercises delivers proven benefits over gorging on content at a typical weekend seminar:

bill-bookcase2.jpg• Instead of meeting in the ballroom of a swanky hotel, this content shows up in the midst of your life and practice—where it can be instantly applied.

• Going home with lots of notes and a long “to do” list may seem satisfying, but you're lucky if you can implement more than a couple of items.

• With so much of your thinking habituated, incremental change is the best way to introduce new strategies without putting your practice into shock.

It took time to get off course. Getting back on track will take time too. Here’s how your 40-week curriculum delivers the lasting change you want:

The 40-Week Curriculum

Week      Title Purpose
  1 Stinking Thinking The haphazard way we formed our system of beliefs.
  2 No Thank You The meaning of rejection and the courage to be disliked.
  3 Your Desired Outcome You’re doing too much. Here’s what to do instead.
  4 The Isometric Practice Your practice grows but then returns to the setpoint.
  5 Emotional Retracing How the world occurs to us is through language.
  6 The Plug-In Drug
End your addiction of needing to know what’s going on.
  7 Success Repellent The surprising source of chaos that steals your peace.
  8 Lies and Statistics Start keeping the statistics that predict your future.
  9 Your Motives Unhelpful ways you talk to yourself about new patients.
10 Rent-Free Living If you wish to soar, you’ll want to lighten your load.
11 This Is a Football Freedom from practicing non-therapeutic chiropractic.
12 The Prime Directive Why did you choose the hard narrow difficult path?
13 What Business Are You In? Your purpose is not what you do, but why you do it.
14 What Makes a Patient Ideal? How to attract a tribe of patients you love serving.
15 Put Your Mask on First Huge insights from a game called Spaghetti or Lasagna.
16 Planting Your Flag Your stand is your brand—avoid showing up beige.
17 The Law of the Lid Walking the talk without being “healthier than thou.”
18 The Medical Covenant How and why to establish a chiropractic covenant.
19 That’s Not My Job Where your responsibility ends and a patient’s begins.
20 Patients Don't Care The most destructive trait of professional caregivers.
21 "This is my last visit." Patient relationships that end without being complete.
22 Remember the Midway Living in abundance or hand-to-mouth scarcity.
23 The Formula for Flow Balancing the tension between anxiety and boredom
24 Fear Not Everything you want exists on the other side of fear.
25 It’s About Time Downtime, sacred time and increasing visit amplitude.
26 Talk is Cheap Talk too much and you reduce the value of every word.
27 Spender or Saver? Five strategies to get your financial house in order.
28 How to Annoy Your Staff CAs reveal what they dislike most about their work.
29 Working in a Submarine The purpose and outline for effective team meetings.
30 Moments of Truth Essential opportunities to shape patient perceptions.
31 This is How We Do It Start now to replace expectations with agreements.
32 The Precare Interview New patients aren’t patients until you invite them.
33 What We Found Report your findings without X-raying their wallet.
34 You Remember Your First Simple first-visit procedure that patients rave about.
35 Adjusting Above the Occiput Educate patients by what you ask, not what you tell.
36 Retention Booster Rocket What practices with high patient retention always do.
37 Getting Off the Bus
Make it easier for inactives to return to the practice.
38 How Many Are You Seeing? Love the one you’re with—rethinking no shows.
39 The Infinite Game Making the patient the hero, not the adjustment.
40 A New Beginning Applying your new mindfulness with confidence.


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