HeadSpace Coaching FAQ

Frequently-Asked Questions About HeadSpace Coaching

favicon.pngQ: How do I know if this is for me?

A: HeadSpace Coaching resonates with several different groups of chiropractors:

     • Chiropractors with a big heart—but in an under-performing practice
     • Exceptional chiropractors who find practice growth difficult to sustain
     • Busy chiropractors (or associates) who want to stay on top of their game

Q: How can a patient coach a chiropractor?

A: Actually, receiving insights from a long-term cash-paying chiropractic patient offers some potent advantages. Besides lacking the dogma surrounding technique or an emphasis on numbers, you avoid the all-too common genetic mutation from inner breeding.

Q: Why weekly Exercises?

A: The weekly cadence creates a thoughtful rhythm without overwhelming. Bite-sized insights provide a more satisfying (and effective) way to consume and implement content. Invest just 15-minutes per week. It gives you an opportunity to thoughtfully make incremental changes without putting your practice into shock or feeling burdened with more stuff to do.

Q: Why is this program so affordable?

A: Granted, if you need an expensive monthly fee to compel you to do the work, the USD $95 monthly fee may not be enough. I have a heart for chiropractors who have found traditional coaching too expensive. By leveraging technology I can help more chiropractors without staffing, costly hotels and other overheads.

Q: How much computer skill do I need?

A: Little to none. If you can open an email, create a password, and have the time to watch a short, 6- to 10-minute video each week, you have the needed skills. Technology is the slave—not the master.

Q: Why 40-weeks?

A: Many coaching programs become a “tax” on your success, with ironclad contracts and seducing you into repeatedly re-upping. It can create an unhealthy dependency. Instead, HeadSpace Coaching has a beginning, middle and end. Repeat if you wish, but it's the same program.

Q: What topics will be covered?

A: Review the 40-week curriculum. Most exercises explore some aspect of the doctor/patient relationship, clarifying boundaries, managing patient expectations and effective communication. The result is greater clarity, certainty and far less stress—headspace stuff.

Q: What if I don't need the monthly coaching call?

A: No problem. These private calls are optional. However, you may find them helpful to get questions answered, address an issue that has come up or get help with something you’re facing. You set the agenda for these monthly calls.

Q: Can I “bank” my half-hour coaching call and use it later?

A: Sorry. Only one private 30-minute coaching call per month. If additional time is needed, other possibilities are available.

Q: I’ve had other coaches. What makes this different?

There are three important distinctions: 1. This is patient-centered rather than procedure- and statistic-centered. 2. The organized curriculum has a beginning, middle and end so there isn't an unhealthy dependency or pressure to reup. 3. The focus is on mindset, attitude and being, rather than procedures, numbers and doing—in other words cause rather than effect.

Q: Will I be coaching with you?

A: Yes. There's one coach: me. I’ve created the curriculum and personally conduct each Zoom call. While it limits the number of chiropractors I can help, it keeps the quality consistently high and the patient’s point of view front and center.

Q: When can I begin?

A: Whenever you wish. Start now. Your first of 40 Exercises (Stinking Thinking) will be available immediately in your library the day you enroll. It will also be the day of the week in which your future Exercises will become available, notified by email.

Q: What if I want to discontinue?

A: If you wish to pause your subscription so you can pick up where you left off at a later time, simply let me know. If you wish to cancel, simply log into your account, click on Account Settings and cancel. If you cancel within the first 30 days, I'll happily return your enrollment fee.

Q: Do you offer coaching other than this 40-week program?

A: I have a limited number of more intensive coaching arrangements available. Or, you may find a one-time, one-hour consultation perfect for getting advice on an important decision or circumstance.

Do you have a question not answered here? Email Bill.