What a Patient Wants


After a four-year hiatus, the eighth book in the Patient's Point of View series chronicles Bill's latest thinking. As he reinvented himself and created Patient Media, he had the freedom to totally rethink patient communications.

Come along on the journey in which he abandoned the Vertebral Subluxation Complex in favor of simply subluxation, uncovered the folly of most patient education efforts and established the principles on which he founded Patient Media. Become inspired, motivated and renewed!

  • New Patients 101 (page 23)
  • Patient Education or Patient Teaching? (page 91)
  • Do You Care Too Much? (page 107)
  • Creating a Safe Place to Fail (page 115)
  • The Me in Meaning (page 143)
  • 15 Practice Marketing Ideas That Work (page 157)
  • You Talk Too Much, You Worry Me to Death (page 177)
  • Stuck in a Doctor-Centered Practice? (page 205)

"I am only on page 26, and it’s as if you were writing my life story! My practice is already affected and I had four new patients in the last week! I know I must sound like an over exuberant nut case, but after a long time of struggle its nice not to feel the pain!" ~Dr. Carla Demaray

What a Patient Wants
New Observations of a Chiropractic Advocate
Foreword by Louis Sportelli, D.C.
Introduction by Robert Hoffman, D.C.
Originally published 2002 - 240 Pages


Bill Esteb is my hero and you should know why. I have always admired individuals who think outside of the traditional box and who consistently walk their talk with confidence, clarity and certainty. Bill is expert at this.

He has his finger on the pulse of our beloved profession and he never ceases to amaze us with his astute insight to exactly what patients think, need and want. There is no individual in chiropractic today that understands the patient's perspective more than Bill Esteb.

This is his eighth book, which clearly makes him one of the most prolific writers in the history of our healing art. His style is practical, sane and rational. If we had to define health in one word, that single word would be adaptability. Bill continues to adapt his style, his understanding and his writing to connect to the changing times. This is a sure sign of health as he continues to re-invent himself and in the process, re-invent the delivery of chiropractic care worldwide.

Bill is my hero because he fully understands the significance and urgency in effective patient education. He knows what every successful Doctor of Chiropractic knows: that patient education and empowerment is a linchpin for success and that patient empowerment never ends. He understands the power of attraction and the peril of seduction in patient education and he is committed to this process with class and dignity.

Our profession admires him because he helps to connect the profession. He is everyone's friend and ally and as such facilitates healing and unity for our profession. He is an "advanced citizen" of chiropractic.

I have so enjoyed watching him grow personally and professionally as he has succeeded in raising the standard for all chiropractors and has shown us dozens of practical ways to better express our potential as healers.

Bill Esteb is my hero because he understands that success does not come to us, it comes FROM us. He exemplifies that "Who you are determines how well what you do works." He consistently shows up big with each seminar, each conversation, each new product and with each new book.

Bill wants what you and I want--a worldwide, quality of life driven health care delivery system featuring chiropractic in the leading role. I love Bill Esteb because he makes me proud to be a chiropractor and because he is our profession's greatest friend.

Robert Hoffman, D.C.
Lake Success, NY