The Conversation Testimonials


What Attendees Are Saying...

The Conversation is an intimate, 30-day program in small group setting for chiropractors who want to reduce stress and get a second wind. In this exclusive, mutually supportive setting we explore the lynch pins holding us back and take on a new way of thinking, being and believing.

The results speak for themselves.

Valuable Insights

"Not only did The Conversation deliver as promised, it gave me the tools and resources for me to be successful for years to come. I saw a difference in my life and practice almost immediately and couldn't be happier with Bill and his program!" Dr. Levi Pulver, Spring Lake, MI

"I was expecting the typical Monday morning implementation and hoping for tips on more congruent procedures. But what I received was immense clarity in all aspects of practice which I have continued to unpack and learn from since attending the Debrief." Dr. Owen Giles, Blackfalds, AB

“There is a sense of peace and confidence in my life that I didn't even realize was lacking. Thank you for helping me find that.”  Dr. Michael Laframboise, Stratford, ON

"The Conversation was a game changer for me. After this one weekend, it was clear to me where my shortfalls were. Now I'm clear how I need to show up to increase my fun, be more successful and help more people. Being introduced to Bill's Socratic approach alone was worth 100 times the cost of admission." Steve Milligan, D.C. Fall River Mills, CA

“With the way the Conversation is structured, with its Socratic method and journal assignments, I anticipate that The Conversation will be an experience that will continue to bless my practice, and the people I get to serve, for decades to come.” Dr. Monique White, Columbia, MO

“My biggest fear was I wouldn’t be able to figure out what my blocks were. But with Bill asking very revealing questions, I was able to discover for myself what blocks were stopping my personal growth.” Dr. Cynthia Suriano, Yakima, WA

“The intense day and a half spent with Bill and the other participants was unlike any other course or seminar I have taken and was transformational. The questions pondered, clarity gained and the unfolding of life after the weekend was beyond what I expected.  This is a real gem with insights to last a lifetime.”  Dr. Lisa Simpson McQuarrie, Waterloo ON

"I attended The Conversation in October of 2008 and would like to thank you for the insight I received during that weekend concerning what practice was really about. I realized that I was more concerned about the numbers and than the people. This has changed and our numbers are up 8% this year over last year and this in Michigan--one of the hardest hit economies in the nation." Dr. Randy Wilcox, Kentwood, MI

"The Conversation was more than worth the time, effort and money. If a potential client is on the fence and wants to talk to a past participant, please have them call me. I am having more fun in the practice than I have had in long time. Thanks!" John M. Neuerburg, D.C., Clute, TX

“The Conversation helped create a feeling of boldness and level of understanding that helped me drop the "beige," straddling-the-fence kind of thinking that was creating so much emotional and mental stress. There is so much more "ease" in my day. Less concern about accommodating, pleasing and "fixing" the patient. This has led to more personal energy, clarity and some boldness in my being. The same guy shows up at home too! I plan on making The Conversation a regular part of my personal and professional development." Dr. Sean Orr, Stratford, ON

“I knew there was something wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I got the impression that The Conversation was designed to pull that information out of people and it delivered exactly that. Bill knew how to draw out the self-imposed roadblocks that were holding me back, which I more than likely wouldn't have seen had I been left to my own resources.” Dr. John Rutsch, Bloomer, WI

“Thanks for a great weekend Bill! You facilitated in helping me know myself better. Thanks for helping me see what’s in me.” Dr. Ian Culbert, Bridgewater, NS

“It really moved me forward.” Dr. Jon Powderly, Canberra, ACT

"The Conversation helped me to recognise the way that I have been viewing practice. By becoming more aware of myself, my motives and my mind sets, I have come to realise that practice is more about "them" (the people I serve) than it is about "me." Everything looks different now." Dr. Jonathan Moore, West Pennant Hills, Australia

“It was fun and insightful, providing clarity and focus to my thoughts and attitudes. And it was so easy.” Patricia Skergan, D.C. Missoula, MT

“I finally feel like I have discovered the true answers to some of my questions instead of the answers that others want to hear. All of the other groups, seminars and experiences that I have participated in have never given me the peace and clarity that you helped me discover. I can't thank you enough for your time, patience and most importantly your questions. Many thanks.” Dr. Shannon Coffin, Bedford, NS

Recovered Purpose

"I attended The Conversation to get my "why" back. After 28 years of practice, the "why" had become fuzzy and needed dusting off! My purpose, mission and vision are once again crystal clear. I returned to my practice "running." Patients I haven't seen in years are coming back in and new patients have doubled. Thank you Bill Esteb for helping us to better help our communities." Dr. Donna Brown, Lake Geneva, WI

"Participating in The Conversation has had a profound effect on me - personally and professionally. I feel clearer about my purpose, ask better questions and no longer get involved in stealing the responsibility for other people's healing. The program is designed to draw out your own truth rather than force feed you another "right way" to do things. I absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a better chiropractor." Dr. Neil Cox, Plymouth, Devon, UK

“You helped me to rediscover my meaning and purpose in chiropractic by giving me a new and refreshing insight on what my practice members truly want from me. Every chiropractor wanting true transformation needs to participate in The Conversation.” Dr. Jim Olszewski, Huntsville, AL

"For the first two years of practice I thought if I just learned the right procedure or followed the right "recipe" my practice would be flying high. But the procedures and scripts left me feeling like a cheesy salesman. The Conversation brought me to the realization that my focus had been on how to DO chiropractic, and not on BEING a chiropractor. I left with renewed purpose and clarity about the practice. You're masterful at asking questions that bring about "Aha!" moments where it all comes together." Dr. Jarod Zabel, Manhattan, KS

Great Experience

"The Conversation was amazing." Dr. Roger Karam, Oshawa, ON

“Unlike many seminars, I’ve been able to keep pushing forward since Denver. My focus has remained and I feel much more connected to my practice. Although it was a long way to go I feel I have benefited more from it than I have from any other personal development program that I’ve been to.” Dr. Stephen Connolly, Oxford, UK

"The Conversation was worth every moment and every penny. Thank you for finally offering a program that helps both the doctor and the patient rather than another "rah-rah" seminar." Dr. Corissa Audren, Medicine Hat, AB

“It made me dig deep and uncover areas within my practice and my life that were inhibiting me to go to the next level.  It provided a unique environment that I have never experienced in any other seminar format.  I walked away from the process with a better understanding of who I am and a strategic plan of how I am going to impact more lives!” Dr. Nathan Unruh, Sioux Falls, SD

"What an enlightening experience. I feel like I have opened a door to a whole new world. So unbelievably patient-centered and on purpose you cannot go another day in the same direction. Truly life changing!" Dr. Todd Wendell, Ruby Mountain, NV

“I have been to many seminars, but nothing quite as intimate as The Conversation. It was a fantastic experience! This experience has really helped me ID some of those holes and where they were coming from... ME! Thank you for helping me, my practice and all those I come in contact with.” Dr. Doug Stranko, Wethersfield, CT

"My practice and motivation was waning and I knew it would take more than a "rah-rah" seminar. I respect and trust Bill Esteb and I was not let down. The Conversation helped me break through some of the mental fog that limited my vision of who and where I want to be." Dr. Ken Weil, Atlanta, GA

“The process that you took us through was one of the most helpful coaching exercises I have been through. I can now be more present in everything that I do. Being able to clarify my purpose and therefore my life has made this experience very worthwhile.” Dr. Sandy Clark, Grange, QLD

“Looked forward to the weekend but felt apprehensive. Did I really want to know more about me? It was powerful, I didn't like parts of it and I’m really, really, really, really glad I went. Life is better.” Dr. Harvey Rhoads, Troy, MO

“I think The Conversation was the best use of my time in any seminar or conference in my 13 years in practice. I continue to make an active decision every morning to follow the changes I listed that weekend. I think The Conversation is unique for every group attending and being a part of my group was an honor and I will always be grateful for the weekend.” Dr. Tina Gottlieb, Temecula, CA

"The Conversation is an excellent format for practitioners wishing to get out of their comfort zones, reconnect with their purpose and re-energize their approach. The "inside-out" method is precisely what is necessary to make lasting change." Dr. Gil Cromshaw, Leland, NC

“It surpassed my expectations.” Dr. Chris Lerner, Bedford, NS

Being vs. Doing

"I'm not sure a simple thank you will suffice for what the weekend in Denver meant to me but it's all I have. So thank you. I questioned my future in this profession. No longer. You woke up my desire to BE a chiropractor in a time that I was trying to DO chiropractic. I found a strength in myself to express what I know to be true and re-lit a desire to share that in my practice and life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Dr. Brian Deal, Lake Crystal, MN

"I decided to attend "The Conversation" because it was a guided month's course, something I could 'do' to improve my practice and results. The funny thing was "The Conversation" isn't about 'doing' something it's about letting go, a shedding process to being your authentic self again. By going through this process I had my highest patient numbers and biggest income the following week." Dr. Bianca Dobson, Melbourne, Australia

“After twenty years in practice I’m doing things in practice that I have always thought would be good to do but didn't have the time, resources and courage to do. I now realise, that it was nothing to do with the Doing and everything to do with the Being.” Dr. Ken Stewart, Melton, VIC

"My greatest fear was that at the end of it all, I would still be ME, with another list of things to do that would probably burn me out like every other seminar I'd been to.  Fear faced. Truth revealed. Hope restored!" Dr. Kurt Kelley, Elkhorn, NE

Delighted Spouse

“Now I see life and practice through a new set of eyes. My wife spent most of Monday crying because I now listened to her and actually heard what she was saying. I have confidence now that I am creating the practice and business that I have always dreamed of. Bill, you have changed my life. I hope you have some idea how much I appreciate you.” Dr. Don Handly, Collinsville, VA

"I just wanted you to know how my first, post-Conversation day at the office went. I had FUN! My patients got their "Power" turned on and my wife is ready to come out and give you BIG SMOOCH for the changes she sees in me! Thank you for a truly LIFE CHANGING weekend!" Dr. Patrick Cooper, Marysville, OH

"After experiencing 'The Conversation' I now have a new future. The weight is off my shoulders. I can stand straight and be proud of who I am. I'm really excited again for what lies ahead. I have greater certainty with patients and I'm understanding who I am and what I truly believe. Mostly, I look at myself differently. Thank-you for the ease you've given me, mostly for my children and my wife. You've changed their lives as I create these new habits. I got a lot out of my time with you." Dr. Chris Elleraas, Carmel Valley, CA

“90% of my stress has been dissolved. And I can feel all the fruits of my spiritual life being brought into my professional life—wonderful and amazing to me. I’m really more in touch with my purpose and my joy and passion for serving than perhaps I’ve ever been. (My wife has noticed this “big time” since I got back.) What a joy to be back in touch with inspired purpose and fun in practice.” Dr. Thomas Close, Monument, CO

“It’s been three months since attending “The Conversation” in Denver and things are very good. Our office (indeed life) feels fun again, dare I say easier. I had no idea of the world of dis-ease I was living in until I took a fresh look and asked the right questions. Things feel energized and free flowing now instead of feeling forced. I thank you and my family thanks you for the enlightened course correct.” Dr. Tony Barton, Kingston, ON

“I must say that the programme has had a profound effect on my life. Most of the change really occurred in my head. I re-established my purpose, not only in my practice but also in my personal life. The small size of the group was a big plus. It was a great process and has had an enormous impact on my life.” Dr. Mark Navin, Camberwell, VIC

“I think The Conversation is not a seminar, but a life experience of self-knowledge that will help anyone go through practice and life in a more complete and joyful way. Sometime in the future I would like to repeat the experience. May I?” Dr. Bernardo Sañudo, Mexico City, Mexico

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