The Continuum Approach

At the radiographic part of your report of findings explain: “This is a model showing the progressively worsening effects of spinal decay. This process can happen anywhere in the spine, however these examples are from the lower back area. Elsewhere in the body you’ve probably seen this referred to as osteoarthritis. Osteo, meaning of the bone, and arthritis, meaning inflammation of a joint.

“After trauma or injury to the spine, the Phase One stage of spinal decay is usually seen as a loss or change of curve and a reduced range of motion.

“Then, with the passage of time, in Phase Two, the calcium deposits can be clearly recognized as bone spurs. You can have this problem without obvious symptoms.

“Finally, with the passage of still more time and the stress of gravity, the bone spurs and abnormal bony growths have practically fused these two bones into a solid block of mineral as the spine enters Phase Three.

“At this stage, there’s not too much we can do, except keep the other areas of the spine as healthy as possible.”