Subluxation Wall Art


Here's a typographical representation of subluxation that patients actually understand!

It's a lay lecture, new patient orientation, report of findings and fascinating piece of wall art all in one.

If vertebral subluxation is the centerpiece of your patient care, give it more horsepower like this chiropractor did:

“Your awesome subluxation poster with the great graphics is a big winner in my patient education protocol. I have patients read it at their report of findings. And man, they get it!”

Imagine your patients digesting this clear and concise message:

When spinal bones choke or chafe nearby nerves, vital communications between your brain and your body are compromised. Signals can become distorted or exaggerated from the resulting nerve irritation. Or nerve messages become weak and faint and your brain loses touch with affected organs and tissues. Subluxations that interfere with your brain’s ability to control and regulate your body are more serious than headaches and back pain!

Your computer screen doesn't do it justice. The subtle foil stamping and multi-layer emboss-deboss and thermography is hard to see here. However, when you unfurl it from its protective tube in your office we guarantee you'll appreciate its unique features and powerful design elements.

Chiropractic Subluxation Poster
18" X 24"