Sports Reactivation Postcard

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Here's a great chiropractic reactivation postcard for the golfer, jogger, off-roader and your other sports-minded patients.

Position chiropractic care as their "secret weapon" to improve their performance and endurance.

Perfect of sending inactive patients at the start of golf season, the beginning of ski season or to simply give your numbers a mid-summer boost.

Use this reactivation postcard if you like seeing active adults—or helping them recover from their weekend injuries.

Our stock message sends the reactivation message loud and clear:

Are you at the top of your game? If not, non-symptomatic spinal problems could be interfering with your swing, your delivery, your backhand, your stamina or your strength. A chiropractic checkup right about now could be just the thing to bring your game up to par. Give us a call.

Like our other postcards, we're happy to imprint your custom message for a small additional fee.

Chiropractic reactivation postcards are professional and one of the basic marketing tools of growing practices.

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