Report Evaluation

Give a Better Chiropractic Report of Findings

Chiropractor giving report of findingsGet your report objectively reviewed by chiropractic patient communication expert Bill Esteb.

His assessment can reveal the underlying cause of impaired practice growth.

Discover the strengths of your report, plus missed opportunities.

12 Elements of Effective Reports

Countless nuances can affect a patient's willingness to embrace your care plan. A word choice. A raised eyebrow. Even the tone of your voice.

And you don't even know you're doing it!

The written report you receive will detail the strengths and weaknesses of your report based on 12 criteria.

Get precious feedback that will increase your practice income for years to come.

A One-Time Investment In Your Report

The one-time fee of $495 will give you specific, actionable feedback.

Expect an instant return on your investment. Plus, the dividends from better patient compliance and retention for years to come.

As your certainty increases, your confidence surges. Patient respect soars. They're inspired by your care plan.

You're showing up as a leader they admire.

It all starts by getting objective feedback about your patient report of findings.

How the Report of Findings Evaluation Works

  1. Set up your smartphone so it captures you while giving a patient report.
  2. Use the form below to order your evaluation and video upload method.
  3. In a day or two you'll receive a written report based on your submission.
  4. Discover what you're doing well, plus any areas of missed opportunity.
  5. See better patient follow-through and improved practice performance.

Turn your report of findings into a communication powerhouse. Get a personalized evaluation and analysis today.