Recording Your Report

How to Produce a Great Recording of Your Report

Submit either a video (preferred) or an audio recording of your patient report of findings.

Use the "voice memo" function on your smartphone for an audio recording. Or lean your phone up against something so your video camera is pointed at you during your report.

Ignore the camera—after all you're giving a report to the patient—not the camera!

If the camera makes you self-conscious, record several reports until you've captured one you're happy with.

If you need to explain the recording to the patient, you might say,

"From time to time I record my patient reports. It helps me communicate my findings and recommendations for care. I hope you don't mind." (They won't!)

When your recording is complete, use a file transfer program to send it to Bill. Indicate which program you'll be using on your order form. Here are the more popular ones:


Send the file to:

In a couple of days, you'll receive your personalized written report with Bill's assessment. If you wish to discuss personally with Bill, schedule a 20-minute consultation.