Proper Maintenance Postcards

100 postcards

Here's the ideal chiropractic reactivation postcard for your male patients who often take better care of their car than their own body!

Regularly sending reactivation postcards is professional and inexpensive way to give your numbers a boost. Systematically reminding inactives to return for a chiropractic checkup is win-win for them and you.

Plus, it's an inexpensive way to keep your database of inactive patients up to date.

We've pre-printed this address-side stock message:

Periodic checkups can help you look and be your very best. Just a friendly reminder that it's time for a nervous system "tune up." Schedule some preventative maintenance for yourself and your family today.

If you have "why-fix-it-if-it's-not-broken?" patients in your practice, mail this postcard today!

Not sure what you should you write on a reactivation postcard? Here are some ideas.

Proper Maintenance Reactivation Postcards
Package of 100

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