A patient believes you hurt them on their last adjustment.

But says nothing.

A patient is being urged by a skeptical spouse to discontinue care.

But says nothing.

A patient has discovered a troubling lump while showering, but self-consciously says nothing.

If you have an open office layout and introverted patients your problem is even more profound. Many won’t mention issues that are affecting their health because there's an audience.

Sure, you mention that you’re always available for a private conversation at your report, but that was weeks ago.

The message on this eye-catching wall graphic is simple and to the point: “Please… let us know if you wish to discuss something privately.”

Urging patients to initiate private conversations improves their satisfaction and insures that they remain enrolled in your care recommendations. Posting your availability in this way is reassuring. And good business.

Privacy Poster
18" X 24"


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